Friday, February 5, 2016

Adapting Your Favorite Pattern Is Easier Than You Think

Sometimes I love being able to create cute things for my kids!

The project shown used Caron Simply Soft in the colors Watermelon, Black, and Gray Heather.  It was knit using US size 6 (4.00 mm)  16” circular needles and US size 6 (4.00 mm) DPNs.

This tunic/dress is absolutely adorable on Little Bit and it was so easy.

Often I get people who ask me what pattern I used and I’m glad to share. But I have no pattern for this.  I just pieced it together as I knit.

So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to talk about how easy it can be to alter your favorite patterns to fit your needs.

Quite honestly when I began this project I had planned to just do a basic raglan sweater, but as it began to take shape I just wanted something different.

I used a basic raglan sweater pattern to start this tunic.  I just went to Ravelry and searched for a top down raglan pattern knit in the round.  There are a ton to choose from!!!!
I chose one with a rolled collar and hem because I just liked the look.


I also knew I wanted to do stripes because I was working out of my stash and didn’t have enough of any one color to complete the project. After I knit the collar I knit the first stripe until it was about 1 1/2 inches. Then I counted my rows and used that number as my stripe repeat.
(I ended up using 8 rows asmy repeat.)

Now remember I had planned to do a sweater but when it was shirt length I didn’t care for it all that much.  Rather than frog the whole project I decided to just keep knitting to tunic length.  I ended up doing a couple extra stripes after I reached the length I thought I wanted because I am a little OCD when it comes to the stripe pattern. I knew I wanted the rolled hem to be in black like the collar.  But the extra length turned out to be perfect and gives her a little growing room.
(After you’ve spent the time and energy creating that special gift, you hope they can wear it for awhile!)

I also decided that I didn’t want to do the long sleeves that I had originally planned so I finished the stripe pattern to black for a rolled hem.  It is the perfect edging!

If you have a go to pattern that you use for a sweater, try these adaptations for it.  Or better yet try your own!  And share pictures of your projects with me!  I would love to feature some of your projects on the blog!

The above post is not meant to be a pattern but simply a description of my process.  But I do ask that if you share the ideas with your friends, etc that you refer them to my blog.  Thanks!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Study in Color.....

Wow!  That post title sounds rather academic doesn’t it?

I promise today’s post is definitely not academic.  Instead it is just a few thoughts that have come to me as I look through the pictures of projects I have posted on this blog.

Two days ago someone posted pictures of her newest knitting addiction in a Facebook group I follow.  It was the Mad For Plaid hat pattern.  It is a paid pattern on Ravelry and can be found here.
(I do not know the designer and am linking to her pattern for reference. But I do love the pattern!)

I immediately purchased the pattern (not something I often do) and cast on my first one.

This morning I finished my second.

As I was knitting the second I noticed how different it looked from the first one.  I even double checked the pattern and the chart numerous times to make sure I was knitting it properly.  
I was.

So what made the difference?

The color made the difference.  The first one was bold and somewhat earthy.  It reminds me of the lumberjack trend that has been all the rage.   But the second one is soft and almost hazy. 

I have noticed on some of my own designs a similar occurrence as I knit samples.  For example take a look at my Swirly Leaves Beanie.

The leaves and swirls are knitted with the same yarn in both samples, but the difference in the black versus the tan background yarn  is amazing.

 Then I took a look back at my Rooster Beanie.

I originally knitted the Rooster design as a mascot beanie for my children’s school.  But I had so many people ask me for a pattern that I knitted up samples in other colors as I was editing my pattern notes.

Here’s a look at the back side of the Rooster beanie.

The red and black is a bold statement while the other more muted colors are soothing.

I’m not always sure of my color combinations as I’m designing.  But I’m even more hesitant to venture far from another designer’s sample colors.  But after my photo journey down knitting memory lane, I feel much more confident about choosing colors.  My advice to you would be to just jump in and try it.  Keep in mind the boldness of contrast versus the soothing complimentary colors when choosing your yarns. Take pictures!  And date them if possible. It’s always great to look back at your creations for inspiration, even years after they’ve been gifted. I think the next time you flip through those pictures looking for a muse, you will discover that your color choices correspond with your moods.

And if you are searching for my published patterns you can find them all on my Ravelry page.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 15, 2016

I Love Freebies!

It has been a crazy week around here as I plan for oldest daughter’s Sweet 16 party this weekend.  We have been going Pinterest crazy looking for exactly the right cake and fun party ideas.  Between party  planning and finishing a few custom orders there hasn’t been much time for designing and creating.

But thanks to the wonderful crafting communities on Facebook I have found a couple freebies that I had to snatch up and want to share with you.

Those who know me know that I am self taught at most of my crafts.  Once I start a craft I may take a class here or there to learn a new technique but for the most part I learn from books, online tutorials, and a few YouTube videos.

One thing I always shied away from was crochet.  I taught myself to knit and it just felt awkward to work with only one hook versus two needles.  But my children have a way of forcing me out of my comfort zone.  About two years ago my daughter wanted a pair of boot cuffs and you guessed it, they were a crochet pattern.  So I forced myself to pull out the hooks I had hidden away and attempt again.  Surprise! It was easier than I remembered.

Fast forward to the present and many of my custom orders are crochet.  But I still primarily knit when doing something for myself.  So I decided I needed to force myself to do something to practice crochet and challenge myself to learn something more about the craft.

So I have joined the Groovyghan CAL.  All the info about the CAL can be found here.  It’s free and the first clue was just released on Wednesday so you can still get in on the fun. And it promises to be a stash buster if you happen to be on a yarn diet.

This morning while scrolling through Facebook I found a link to a temporarily free pattern.  Again it’s crochet and looks to be just the thing that I would make for myself.  It’s called the Persephone Poncho and looks amazing!

The Ravelry link can be found here.  I can’t wait to pick out some yarn for this and get started.

What are your favorite free patterns out there?  Is there anything totally cool that I am missing out on?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

It Makes Me Happy!

As a crafter I often fall into the pitfall of running out of time to make all the projects I have on my list.

Occasionally a gift or two gets put to the side and I (gasp!) buy a gift from the store.

Last year when my niece got married I made a quilt for her and her husband.  I also made small lap quilts for my two new great nieces!

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite complete the detail work on one of the quilts.  I took it home with me to finish up and ship back.

Fast forward 3 months and my parents came to visit.  I intended to send the quilt back with them but we had just moved and I couldn’t find the box.

So when we visited over the holidays I had to make sure that I hand delivered the precious cargo.

She was so thrilled!  She just kept hugging the quilt and from what her mommy tells me will not sleep with any other blanket.

And that is why I make handmade gifts.  The look on their faces make me happy!

Her baby brother got one of my sock monkeys too, but we couldn’t quite catch him hugging it on camera.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Visit to the Alpaca Farm

I hope you had a very joyful time over the past couple of weeks.  Christmas break from school and work provides opportunity for much family time.

We were blessed to join my family in Ohio for a few days including New Year’s Day.  Needless to say adding 2 (well 3 now) additional adult and 4 (well 3 now) children to my parents home can prove to be a little overwhelming.  We begin to find ourselves tripping over each other.  So we try to find activities to take us out of the house for a little while each day.

One of these outings was to a local Alpaca Farm.  My parents had visited during their open house a couple months ago. And nothing stirs up interest in an avid knitter like the possibility of yarn.

We were so excited to see babies still with their mamas in the pen.  The owners were very gracious and took us right into the pen with them.  

Alpacas tend to not like to be petted. They startle and run from you if you reach out to them.

But, as we discovered, they are quite curious.  And if you are little and can stand still then they will come right up to you.

And of course I did manage to snag a little yarn for myself.

I restrained myself and only picked up one skein of the yumminess!  So now I’m off to find (or maybe design) the perfect pattern to use this 200yds of DK goodness.  I’m open to suggestions so comment away!

If you’re interested in purchasing an alpaca and are open to pickup in the Cincinnati area check out East Fork Alpaca Farms.

Now if I could just manage to find the land (and convince my hubby) maybe I could go back and buy one of those sweet babies to bring home.

And then I need a spinning wheel.....

Oh the possibilities!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sock Owls

My newest obsession has become Sock Owls.

These are the cutest little things and so easy to work up.

If you want to try your hand at making one up check out this tutorial.  Directions and pictures are fantastic.

If you aren’t confident in your skills with a needle then you can always check out our Facebook page and order one!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Facebook Giveaways, and a new Pattern......Oh MY!

The holiday season is upon us.  As well as the crazy shopping season.

I decided to go with the flow and have been busy working up deals and giveaways galore.

First off, if you are thinking about a custom order for this Christmas time is running out.

I stop taking orders that must be shipped in the USA on December 1st.  My local customers have until December 15th. Any orders after these dates will be scheduled for 2016 delivery.

So to encourage you to make your orders in a timely manner I have decided to offer a Black Friday- Cyber Monday 2015 deal for you.  All orders placed before midnight Monday, November 30, 2015 will receive a 10% discount.

Second, I am also doing a giveaway on my Facebook page. Since I have recently come back full force, it’s time to beef up the Facebook!  When my Facebook page reaches 100 likes I will do a giveaway! If you haven’t done it yet, go to the AmamammaDesigns page linked at the top of the blog.  Once there click like and you will be entered into the drawing for a $25 gift certificate from AmamammaDesigns.  I will even pay shipping to the contiguous United States.

And finally, the big release!  

A new beanie pattern.

The Basketball Beanie!

My middle daughter pictured here has decided that she must have all things basketball!  This special beanie was inspired by her love for basketball and her school colors (orange and black)!

And the best thing is until midnight Monday, November 30, 2015 you can download this pattern for just $1.00.  There is no coupon needed just go to my Ravelry store and click Buy it Now.  The price will automatically be discounted for you!

Now back to leftover turkey and pumpkin pie!  Have a great weekend!